About theunbiasedreviews.com

James Galea theunbiasedreviews.com founder

My name is James Galea, Appliance expert and the author behind theunbiasedreviews.com.

About the website

theunbiasedreviews.com is a Product Review website featuring honest and Unbiased reviews on different Home products. We have created this resource for creating valuable information on major appliances.

This website was first created on 9 March 2017.  Since then theunbiasedreviews team is thriving to deliver the best User experience to our readers. Our team majorly works on improving the quality of our web pages.

The ultimate goal of our site is to write well-research, expert-written reviews on Refrigerators, Air purifiers and other Home/Kitchen products.

About the author

I started this site to help people buy a good quality refrigerator. While the main purpose of this site is to create useful product reviews on major appliances, I occasionally share my personal experience with other home products as well. I mix my expertise and experience with online research and create In-depth guides to help the users in finding the best products.

A bit about me-

I have been selling and buying refrigerators for last 4 years. After starting an appliance store back in 2013, I gathered excessive information about major appliances. I sold my store a while ago and created this website for the users from all around the globe.

While doing a bit of appliance-related research myself, I found a lot of pages sharing wrong details about the refrigerator and its measurement. In fact, many of the fridges sold online are not even UL-certified. This information made people complaint-“refrigerators stopped working in the first few months.”

So I thought to share my expertise and knowledge in this area, and ultimately save the users from buying the wrong appliance. I hope my free guides help the users.

P.S.- I personally read and reply to every email I receive, so you can ask any question around home and kitchen appliances.

Until now I have reviewed counter depth refrigerators, wine coolers, and small-sized refrigerators.

Feel free to contact me if you are having trouble in buying your fridge. Simply drop me an email on this email address- theubreviews [@] gmail.com (remove the brackets).

You can also contact me via the contact page- https://theunbiasedreviews.com/contact-me/

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