10 Best counter depth refrigerators 2018: buying guide

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A kitchen showing table, white color chairs and silver color counter depth refrigerator
Well-designed kitchen with a side-by-side counter depth refrigerator

​I hope you would agree with me when I say:

'Finding the right counter depth refrigerator for your home is a bit confusing'. 

​And to help you with that and make the whole process easier, I have built a list of few best french door, side by side, top freezer and bottom freezer counter depth fridges.

​This guide will help you know how to buy ​a high-quality 24" depth refrigerator. I have added FAQs featuring different types, configurations, refrigerator dimensions and so forth.

But Before we start with ​unbiased reviews for top 10 recommended refrigerators, here is a quick list for those who are short on time- 




     Dimensions (WHD)





Summit FFBF191SS bottom-freezer counter depth refrigerator

​         24" X 79" X 26"

13.3 cubic feet

​Digital control panel and stainless steel door


LG LMXC23746D Black Diamond Series ​Counter depth French Door refrigerator

35 3/4" X 70 1/4" X 32 1/8"

22.7 cubic feet

CustomChill Drawer and Freshness Control


Samsung RF23J9011SR Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator

​35 3/4" X 70 3/4" X 28 7/8''

22.5 cubic feet

Flex Zone Refrigeration or Freezer Space


​Samsung RF22K9581SG/AA family hub 4 door refrigerator

​           36" X 71" X 31"

​22 cubic feet

​Touchscreen, integrated camera and Flex zone


​GE Profile PYE22PSKSS- french door counter depth refrigerator

​35 3/4" X 69 7/8" X 31 1/4"

22.2 cubic feet

Built-In K-Cup Brewer


​Samsung RH229010SR Side by side counter depth refrigerator

​35.75" X 69.87" X 28.37"

21.5 cubic feet

​Showcase door


Avanti RA7316PST Apartment Size Refrigerator

        23" X 56" X 21.5"

7.4 cubic feet

Compact and Perfect for Small Apartments


Summit FF1935PLIM Top-mount refrigerator

             29" x 73" x 27"

18.1 cubic feet

Compact Size with Upgraded Features


Kenmore Smart French Door Refrigerator

       35.8" x 68.9" x 30.9"

24 cubic feet

Works with Amazon Alexa


Fisher Paykel RF135BDLX4-  Left Hinge ​Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

          25" x 67.5" x 27.4"

13.4 cubic feet

​Active smart technology and humidity control system

What is Counter depth refrigerator?

​​​​​A Counter depth fridge is a shallow refrigerator with ​standard box-depth of 24 inches, which could extend to few inches after adding door, backsplash and handles. Unlike, regular refrigerator a counter-depth won't be obtruding out of your cabinet. 

Counter depth refrigerators help you save the kitchen space, make it look fancier and are indeed the best alternative to highly expensive built-in refrigerators.

Different types of ​refrigerator configurations-

There are various refrigerators based on the design, performance, and depth of the fridge.

different counter depth refrigerator configurations (Side-by-side, french door, top freezer and bottom freezer)

Refrigerators are differentiated based on the cabinet depth, compartment width and the freezer position. There are five types of refrigerator styles to choose from. However, classic single door configuration is less common as it takes away the spacious freezer compartment.

  • Top Freezer- Top freezer counter depth refrigerators have the freezer on the top and fridge below it. Top freezers are the most budget-friendly refrigerators. You can go for this style if you have small space and limited budget. However, you would need to bend a bit for using the refrigerator part.
  • Bottom freezer- Freezer is present at the bottom and separated by an additional door. Bottom freezer configuration has spacious refrigerator compartments. Compressors are more energy efficient. The refrigerator is there at the top, which helps in storing snacks and quick food items.
  • French door- French door counter depth refrigerators are more popular than other configurations. French door configuration is a duo of side-by-side and bottom freezer. Three different doors help reduce the fridge air escape and improve energy output.
  • Side-by-side- This configuration has two different doors. Freezer is usually present on the left side. Side-by-side refrigerator allows easy accessibility to the freezer area and requires less door swing. 
  • Single door- Single door refrigerators are comparatively less popular. This is because of split doors are absent and features are limited. You might need an additional freezer as the single door freezer compartment has lesser storing space.

Counter depth refrigerator dimensions-

Dimensions of countertop depth refrigerators are much different than the standard refrigerators. One thing you need to keep in mind is that refrigerator-capacity would be lesser for counter-depths, but the elegant kitchen look and improved space will make it up for you.

refrigerator dimensions- depth and widhth

  • Depth- Default counter refrigerator depth is 24 inches, but the additional backspace, doors, handles and cabinet space could extend it to as long as 30 inches. So, 24’’ is basically the depth for the box of refrigerator.
  • Width- You can find countertop fridges in three different widhts- 30, 33 and 36 inches. However, most of them are usually 36” wide.
  • Height- Height may vary based on the counter depth refrigerator manufacturers. Different counter depth models have different height (could be as big as 72’’). Make sure to properly measure the cabinet height for allowing it to fit in.

I would recommend you to leave one inch distance at the top and back part of your refrigerator cabinet. Also, leave 1/8 inches on both side of refrigerator. This will improve the compressor performance by increasing input-output flow. Know more about counter depth refrigerator dimensions.  

​How much does a counter depth refrigerator costs?

​A counter depth fridge could cost you anywhere from $1000-4000 based on the number of features, brand reliability and your shipping location. For instance, a good quality Summit refrigerator will cost you around thousand bucks, but a Samsung family hub with advance features could move your budget to four thousand dollars. The bottom line is, when it comes to kitchen appliances, you will get what you pay for, I digress 😉

​​FAQs (click on the toggle/Question headlines for answers)-

​What are the different types of Counter depth refrigerators? 

​Which are the most reliable brands for counter depth refrigerators?

  ​10 of the Best Counter depth refrigerators​ reviewed-

French-door counter depth refrigerator in a kitchen
A Perfectly integrated french door counter depth refrigerator

Summit stainless steel counter depth refrigerator

Summit FFBF191SS is a perfect-budget, space-saving counter depth refrigerator for your kitchen. 24-inch deep bottom freezer refrigerator with a capacity of 13.3 cubic feet, which is honestly significant when compared to what other brands are offering for this price.

This summit refrigerator has a stainless steel door with a digital control panel (featuring both Celsius and Fahrenheit). This helps in efficient temperature control in the fridge and freezer area. The frost-free compartments are connected with the digital temperature manager to and create an audible sound when the temperature is not optimum. If you leave the door open for 2 minutes, the alarm will start to sound. Rapid cooling quickly drops the freezer zone to -12 degree Fahrenheit.  

LED lighting is there, and Energy star rating is present, which is essential for these refrigerators. Overall, it’s a good cabinet refrigerator for small kitchens, especially in the given price. However, if you have a big family or want more temperature features, this might not be the best choice.


  • ​24-inch sleek refrigerator with digital temperature control
  • Open door alarm management system which starts ringing after two minutes lapse 
  • Perfect fridge for small family and budget-friendly pricing


  • ​Excessive-temperature-control features are absent

                                                         brown counter depth refrigerator with open doors

​Arguably the most interesting thing about this french door counter-deep fridge is its overall design. This LG LMX23746D refrigerator has a French-door style refrigeration system on top, a full-width freezer on the bottom, and a special CustomChill                                                     drawer in the middle. 

​what is a CustomChill drawer, anyway? It’s a special drawer that allows you to set it to a different temperature than the rest of the fridge for those special items (like white wine or particular fruits and vegetables) that need to be at a different cooling temperature than the rest of your food. You can even select this special temperature by pushing buttons with icons that correspond to specific foods, like fruits, meats, and wine.

To make things even better, this Counter depth french door refrigerator comes with LG's special freshness control. This cool system uses digital sensors to track things like temperature and humidity levels in your entire fridge, instead of simply tracking the temperature level in one location, like most others.

The control panel allows you to adjust more than just whether or not the dispenser is spitting out ice or water. It includes buttons which allow you to control the type of ice you receive, the temperatures of the fridge and the freezer, the light, the door alarm and much more.

What's that? There's a door alarm? One of the most unique features of LG appliances is their special alarm system. If you leave the door open for too long, the fridge will let you know. Not only is this great if you accidentally forget to close it, it’s also a wonderful way to remind your kids not to "camp in front of the fridge."


  • Has a sleek and stylish black stainless steel finish for extra glam or even that masculine touch.
  • The total capacity of 22.7 cubic feet (13.5 for the fridge, 2.8 for the "CustomChill Drawer" and 6.4 for the freezer) is ample space for your family's groceries.
  • The freshness control system keeps all of your food at the perfect temperature and humidity.
  • Includes a special slim-design ice dispensing system.


  • The width of this unit (32 inches) and height (70 inches) may be just a little too large for some spaces.

              Samsung Counter depth refrigerator- door closed Samsung Counter depth refrigerator- door open

​This Samsung fridge contains French door style refrigerator on the top and a French door style refrigerator on the bottom. Samsung certainly set this unit apart from the rest by making such a bold move. When you realize just why they did this you will be in for even more surprise. They did it to accommodate a "flex zone."

The unique "flex zone" space behind the door on the bottom right can be used as either a refrigerator or a freezer. This means that you can alternate between more fresh goods in the summer and more frozen goods in the winter. Have a 3/4 fridge, 1/4 freezer or a 1/2 fridge, 1/2 freezer combo. You can even use that "flex zone" for special things (like white wine) which need to be at a temperature different from regular refrigerated goods.

It also has other great features you should consider when making your purchase. For example, its "ice master" ice maker actually makes its own ice instead of simply dispensing pre-cubed ice like many of the other refrigerators out there. It is also directly hooked into your water supply so that it does all the work of creating ice for you and with no effort on your part.

Want fresh water? The water line also hooks into a water dispenser for even more convenience at your fingertips. A special filtration system has also been installed into the fridge's door to make that water as clean as possible.


  • Has everything you'd expect from a high-end, full-sized fridge at an affordable price, packed into a counter-depth package.
  • It includes many shelves which can be moved to multiple locations.
  • Sleek, bright LED interior lighting ensures that you see everything at a glance.


  • The freezer and flex-zone spaces are not wide enough to house certain boxes.

Samung 4 door pattern Black color counter depth refrigerator

Samsung RF22K9581SG is a fully-featured counter depth fridge with well-designed stainless steel exterior, but it is also one of the most expensive refrigerators. However, if you have a reasonable budget, you would be having the most advanced refrigerator of all time.

This 4-door countertop depth refrigerator has a fridge space of around 13.2 cubic feet. The lower compartment has two side by side freezers with two drawers and one shelf in each of them. Interestingly, you can turn the right freezer into a refrigerator (thanks to the flex zone technology) for storing fresh fruits, vegetables, and wines. Door shelves are not adjustable, but refrigerator shelves are adjustable.

Talking about the tech integration- there is a camera in the interior with direct connectivity to the LCD screen on the right door. It takes an image of what’s inside every time you close the fridge door. This feature helps track the food expiration date using drag n drop countdown timer on the screen.

Also, after connecting it to Samsung mobile app, you can know the inside content on your mobile phone. Temperature control is much more precise via the fridge managing app; you can accurately change the fridge-environment-settings. Ice dispenser and Ice maker both are present.

The 21.5 inch LCD screen is highly responsive has a smooth touch and a few apps for different useful features. There are many apps like ‘Whiteboard’ for drawing or writing quick notes.

You can organize photos, add shared family fridge calendar, open recipes, stream music, order groceries and put on a timer for chilling beer. That said, SmartThings is absent, so you won’t be able to connect another device to your fridge. However, this feature would be there in Samsung family hub 3.0 as told in CES 2018. RF22K9581SG is a clean refrigerator that will make your kitchen look elegant. Nevertheless, you would be missing the temperature controller in the drawer section. 


  • Flex door for extending the fridge capacity
  • Precise temperature control and Responsive LCD screen 
  • Connectivity with your phone for viewing inside refrigerator
  • Cameras in the interior help know the expiration date for packaged food


  • The expense is almost double the other counter depths (but so are the features)
  • Voice control integration is missing


​Let's get right into the thick of it - this GE refrigerator can actually brew coffee for you!

While many others try to set themselves apart with ice makers and water dispensers this one takes things a step further by incorporating a Keurig coffee maker. Don't worry, though, this hasn't replaced the ice and water dispenser, it has simply been added to it. GE profile refrigerator has some of the most advanced features which makes it the best french counter depth refrigerator out there .

You can get fresh water and ice with the touch of a button. Only now, you can also get fresh coffee with the touch of a button. Never worry about filling your coffee maker with water again. The direct-line system brings water into the refrigerator for the purposes of making coffee, ice, and simply providing you with a cool glass of water.

Using the same control panel you will use to select your coffee brew size and to demand ice from the ice maker, you can control various other aspects of this refrigerator. The touch of a button can turn lights on and off. Select the refrigerator or the freezer buttons to adjust the temperatures set in either of those locations. To keep things sleek, classy and uncompromised, the numbers and readouts you will use to make these adjustments are only visible once you've engaged the system.

Smart temperature zones inside the GE counter depth refrigerator allow you to set specific temperatures for those zones. With the touch of a button, you can change the drawer settings from deli to cheese to beverages. The beverages setting maintains a perfect wine chilling temperature for those who love wine, but not enough to purchase a separate wine fridge.

Another thing we cannot ignore in this review is that the GE Profile is compatible with Amazon Alexa. This means that you can adjust the settings with the simple sound of your voice or, even, from a distance. You only have to be connected to the Alexa app to make use of this function.


  • ​You can select a particular type of food or beverage temperature setting for the smart drawers inside this fridge.
  • You can make coffee in the door of this refrigerator! Additionally, you can also retrieve water and ice from the door panel.
  • Includes highly adjustable and customizable shelves and hanging basket shelves for incredible versatility.


  • ​Capacity is slightly lesser than other counter depths

             Samsung refrigerator black color

Samsung RH229010SR is the counter depth fridge I landed on after reviewing chunk of side by side refrigerators. I have only added one counter depths in side-by-side as there aren’t much of them offering significant features. 

The bottom line is- RH229010SR has almost all of the useful and essential features one would look for. Capacity is around 22 cubic feet slightly less to what other brands are offering. But they fixed this by adding icemaker integration in the door, that will save your freezer space.

Exterior is fingerprint resistant to the stainless steel door. Also, the ice dispenser and water filter are integrated externally for easy accessibility. The dispenser has lights, and the fridge has a door alarm (if you left fridge or freezer door open).  

Interior has three crisper drawers for ensuring fresh (and organized) fruits and vegetables. Led lighting is smartly embedded for brightening the interior. This counter depth fridge has power freeze options and metal-made door-in-door for maintaining long-term cooling. I loved the twin cooling feature which helps keep the proper temperature and food-taste. This side by side fridge is getting a good response in the appliance marketplace.        


  • Well designed interior with ice maker in the door
  • Chill trapping and metal made door-in-door for extended cooling.
  • Showcase door and power cooling helps maintain the temperature


  • ​The right door could have been more spacious and less heavy.

                                                              Avanti refrigerator

If you have a small apartment and a small budget you cannot go wrong with this fridge by Avanti. This apartment size refrigerator is a space-friendly, powerful refrigerator. 

Measuring 55 inches high, 22 inches wide, and only 23.5 inches deep, this compact refrigerator will not only fit in your apartment in terms of height and depth - it will also take up surprisingly little space in terms of its width. If you happen to have a little more than 22 inches of space between your cabinets and/or wall you can utilize the extra space to store things like brooms, mops, and reusable grocery bags.

Despite only having a total of 7.4 cubic feet in capacity (which is MUCH smaller than all of the others on this particular list), this fridge can hold a surprisingly large amount of food. What makes it even better is that it also has a freezer! Though you can find small bar-sized (or slightly larger) fridges that are slim and not very deep for your tiny apartment space, finding something like this where you can utilize a fair-sized freezer is almost unheard of.

Convenient hanging shelves on the door allow you to store even more food that you would expect which, in our opinion, actually increases the amount of usable space in the 7.4 cubic feet they advertise. For comparison sake, consider that there are many others which claim a similar capacity but do not make use of the space on the door.


  • Slim and short enough for your little apartment kitchen.
  • Includes interior lighting which is virtually unheard of in refrigerators this small.
  • Has six hanging door shelves, 3 shelves (plus one on top of the crisping drawers), and two crisping drawers in the refrigerator.


  • Only 7.4 cubic feet of interior storage space.

Summit Counter depth refrigerator

If you need a slim, white counter-depth fridge for your apartment of just plain, old, small kitchen, but don't want to sacrifice the cool extras you get when you purchase many of the large upscale refrigerators you are finally in luck. Summit went ahead and created this ultra-neat fridge with many of those special functions people often pay hundreds of extra dollars for on larger refrigerators.

Let's start with the size. At 27 inches wide, 29 inches deep and 73 inches tall, this compact refrigeration unit splits over 18 cubic feet of storage space between its fridge and freezer.

The "in-genious" control panel gives you access to your fridge's innermost workings in the simplest way possible: with pictures. Small icons indicate the types of controls you are adjusting so that you can always be certain you are making the right choices for your needs. It also allows you to adjust the "Express Chill Zone" - a special area of the refrigerator designed to chill certain things extra-fast.

One of the features we found the most appealing is the panel you can pull down from the front of the fridge to reveal a special section inside the door. Summit calls this the "Smart Station" and we agree, it's smart! This is perfect for storing wine, soda, water bottles, or juice - just reach in and pull one out without allowing the cold air to escape the entire fridge.


  • A special pull-down panel allows you to access an area on the inside of the door.
  • An expert, touch-screen control panel allows you to customize your refrigeration.
  • Like the special alarm systems in LG fridges, this Summit fridge will beep if you leave the door open too long.
  • Touch-screen control panel allows you to adjust almost every setting possible.


  • Though the small size is great for some people it may be a little too small for large families.

                     Kenmore Counter depth refrigerator- door closed              Kenmore Counter depth refrigerator- door open

Comparable to the GE Profile in many ways, Kenmore 75043 Smart refrigerator is worth the attention of any serious appliance lover and is one of the biggest counter depth refrigerator in our list.

If you are looking for top quality, and a fridge with exceptional qualities, Kenmore's counter deipth bottom refrigerator would be your ideal match.

We were most impressed with its ability to connect to Amazon Alexa. This connection will allow you to control your fridge's settings with simple voice commands in your home. Just tell Alexa what you want it to do through your separate wireless speaker system and it will set your fridge as you like. Alternatively, you can access the Alexa app from your cell phone to change the settings when you're not home. This is especially helpful when you want to send your fridge temperature down so that it already prepared to super chill food when you bring it home from the grocery store.

If you don't have Alexa or just don't want to use it for your refrigerator you can change the settings by utilizing the small smart bar located on the lip of the main fridge inside the doors. From there, you can change the temperature inside the fridge and freezer, turn interior lights on and off, turn the ice maker on and off, and activate (or deactivate) the door alarm.

Another thing we absolutely love about this fridge that we feel sets it apart from the others is its aesthetic design. Brushed stainless steel is quickly becoming the norm in the world of appliances and Kenmore certain jumped on board that train when creating this fridge. What makes it more appealing than others, though, are the interesting handles. Their long, sweeping, curved lines and thick stature are both elegant and bold.


  • Has complete temperature control, even from your cell phone thanks to its compatibility with Amazon Alexa.
  • A beautiful, bold design makes it stand out in the crowd and will certainly be a talking point for your next dinner party.
  • The French doors won't inhibit your kitchen space whenever you need to peek inside.
  • The large, bottom freezer will hold plenty of frozen goods.


  • Since you have to open the doors to adjust the settings without the Alexa app you may actually do more harm than good by releasing the cold air and requiring your fridge to run for longer.

Bottom freezer counter depth refrigerator

Fisher and Paykel is one of the oldest and reliable brands for buying a counter refrigerator. RF135BDLX4 is a ​bottom-freezer-configuration counter depth refrigerator. Out of the 8 refrigerators I added in this list, Paykel was the one that provided all of the three features- Noise-free environment, clean stainless steel design and easy temperature management.

Both the refrigerator and freezer part are well-designed. RF135BDLX4 is equipped with a solid humidity controlling system and smart LED lights. Glass shelves are sturdy enough. I have always seen unique features in Fisher and Paykel fridges. You can go for this refrigerator if you have limited space and/or limited budget.


  • Led lighting with glass shelves for elegant internal compartments
  • Clean stainless steel design for embracing your kitchen
  • Powerful humidity controller keeps food fresh for longer duration.


  • Refrigerator efficiency is slightly lesser than other designs in our list.
Infographics Showing different aspects of a refrigerator

 Buying Tips:                                            

Choosing the Qualities and Features You Want and Need in Your New Counter-Deep Fridge

Zoomed view of a counter depth refrigerator
A french door counter depth refrigerator with dispenser.

​Selecting your new counter-depth fridge isn't as simple as just pointing at ANY counter-depth fridge and clicking "buy now." There's a lot to consider that goes beyond the basic depth of the unit.

You wouldn't buy clothes simply because they were your size, would you? Of course not! You'd consider the material, the time of year, the occasions you'd wear them for, and your personal style. When it comes to refrigerators, things like budget, overall size, layout, style, and additional features are all important factors.

Know Your Measurements

You may think the first thing we'd tell you to consider would be your budget. In most cases, budget IS the first and most important consideration, but I've got news for you: Not all budgets work in all situations.

Before you can even consider what type of budget or special features you want in your new shallow fridge you need to consider the measurements of the space in which it will fit. This will help you know your counter depth refrigerator dimensions. 

You already know that you need a fridge between 25 and 30 inches in total depth (not including the handles, of course). The question now becomes, how tall and how wide?

Typically speaking, you'll want to measure the area between the two cupboards or walls on either side of where the fridge will sit as well as the space between the floor and the upper cabinet (if there is one). It's always good to leave a one-inch gap on either side of your refrigerator (including the top) in order to all for proper ventilation.

Be Budget Conscious

Now that you have your measurements in mind you can really begin to narrow down the possible selection. However, before you go out looking at all the fancy (and not-so-fancy) fridges in stores and on the internet you will need to consider your maximum budget.

Appliance and electronics are one area of the market where prices fluctuate drastically. A refrigerator of one size made by a particular company with a particular setup and set of features may be one price while a fridge of the exact same size made by a different company with a different set of features may be a few hundred or even $1000 more expensive.

You need to know how much you are willing to spend before you go out and get wooed by things like automatic ice dispensers, smart controls, built-in televisions and side-by-side fridge-freezer combination units.

Whether budget is of concern or not, try to stay on the lookout for sales. In the world of appliances and electronics sales aren't just a matter of a few dollars. In fact, a refrigerator sale can knock hundreds of dollars off the original listing price.

What Type of Set-Up Do do You want?

Do you like a side-by-side fridge-freezer combination or are you more of a top fridge, bottom freezer kind of person? Maybe you prefer an old-school refrigerator with a freezer on top. Perhaps you are one of those people who like to keep your freezer completely separate and prefer a full top-to-bottom refrigerator to house all of your fresh fruits and vegetables.

Which one of these sounds like you? Take note of your preference, and then figure out if you are able to score the type of fridge you want at a price you can afford and within your specific dimensions. The important thing to remember is that counter-depth fridges are only recently becoming popular, so there aren't very many on the market. It's always good to have a backup option in case you aren't able to find what you need.

You're lucky because we were able to track down at least one of every option for this list. Though all measure less than 31 inches in depth, they are a variety of widths and heights, so remember to keep that in mind as well.

Something else to consider when it comes to set up is your own ability to bend low or to see the top shelves. Some of us are very short and others have bad backs. Consider any of these factors as well as the frequency with which you venture into your counter depth fridge and freezer when making your decision.

Ultimately, there is no major difference among the many fridge-freezer combination units aside from the shape and location of the storage areas. For example, a French door refrigerator-freezer combination (also known as a side-by-side fridge-freezer) makes it easier to view the food items in fridge and freezer. But, this option also means that both sides are slim and makes it difficult for you to place large items inside (just try squeezing a left-over pizza box inside, I dare you!) A French-door full fridge or a French-door fridge with a freezer on the top or bottom allows you the same amount of space as a typical refrigerator without the pesky annoyance of a large door swinging out into your kitchen.

Looking for a new wine cooler for your kitchen? Read this post on best wine coolers.

Let's Talk Special Features

Everyone could use a little extra luxury in their lives, and we're certain you're no different. Luckily, many newer refrigerator models come with these extras at a reasonably low price. In fact, things like pull-out shelves are quickly becoming the norm rather than the exception.

Some upgrades, however, often affect the price (even if just a little bit), so it's important to consider what you would like in relation to your financial position. Some of the higher-level options, like built-in smart televisions and scheduling systems, can put a strain on even the most generous budgets.

Other upgrades require special attention from your electrical or plumbing systems. For example, many fridges (regular-sized or counter-depth) with built-in ice makers require access to running water. These models are made to create the ice on-demand without inconveniencing you by requiring you to continually fill a water reservoir.


Refrigerators come in many shapes and sizes. From tall to short; wide to slim. They also come in many styles: side-by-side, French doors, all-fridge, top freezer, bottom freezer, and more. Even within this refrigeration world of diversity, what unites you and everyone else visiting this page is a need for a counter-depth fridge. Whether you want it because your kitchen is slim or simply because you prefer the look of a kitchen with clean lines, we’ve laid out many great options for you here.

In case, you are short on budget, consider reading our guide on Best mini fridges

We hope our diligent work paid off and that you are walking away with the Counter depth refrigerator of your dreams!

My purpose for creating this site is to help users to- find and select the right refrigerator. I’m an appliance expert (had my own appliance store a while ago). I have so far reviewed best performing small refrigerators, counter fridges and wine coolers as well. I hope my content helped you make a decision. Feel free to get in touch via contact form if you are facing problem in finding the right fridge for you.

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