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Theunbiasedreviews essay writing program - (Air quality in 2018)

Theunbiasedreviews is a website creating major appliance reviews. In-depth Guides on this site is created by James Galea (an expert appliance blogger). Take a look at one of our recent guides on Best Air purifiers 2018.

We are calling for students to join our 2018 Scholarship program and get $500. If you feel passionate about Appliance tech then this program is definitely for you.

Program details-

This writing program is created for students to show their talent around essay writing and knowledge about home tech. We want to spread awareness about the importance of indoor air quality. Here are some of the important requirements for joining our program.

  • Student must have a minimum of 2.7 CGPA for applying
  • Both undergraduate and postgraduate students can apply
  • Essay submitted to us must be plagiarism-free, original and written by you
  • You essay should exceed the minimum word count of 500 words

How to Apply-

Simply submit an essay in around 500-1000 words telling about the role of air purifiers in indoor air quality. But you can also write around other major appliances like refrigerators. Mention the good and bad around a selected appliance. Feel free to share your personal thoughts and be creative with your writing piece. Include the following script on submit [@]

  • Your Full Name
  • University/College at which you are enrolled
  • Subject
  • Contact details (email address and phone number)
  • Essay/Content application
  • Would like to get the reward via Check or PayPal

Alternatively, to help us spread awareness you can also submit your post by publishing it on your university blog. Don't forget to mention/ link to our website in your post.

Submission deadline and result-

Last date for submitting your application is March 7, 2019 and results will be announced on April 2, 2019.  Prize money $500 will be sent via PayPal or Cheque, whichever way you like. For more inqury, contact our team on theunbiasedreviewsteam [@] gmail dot com.

Good luck! We look forward to your submissions.

T&C for theunbiasedreviews scholarship- 

- Our team take privacy laws very seriously and keep the students information highly confidential. The information provided here will never be shared to a third party. 

- Students must not share individual financial details, or incorrect email address. 

- Selected winners will need to show enrollment proof in order to get the scholarship money.

Note- Our system is cleared 1 month after declaring the scholarship results. This is to ensure that the student details aren't misused in any way.

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Feel free to reach me on- theubreviews [@] gmail dot com for any related queries.

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