Counter depth refrigerator: dimensions and measurement Guide

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What is the average depth of a counter depth refrigerator?

The average depth of a counter depth refrigerator is 25 inches. However, this is the dimension for depth of refrigerator box, i.e., measured from the refrigerator wall to the edge.

Counter depth refrigerators are narrower than regular refrigerators. Counter refrigerators can have the depth of minimum 24 inches and maximum 28 inches (which is around 30-34 inches in standard depth/ regular refrigerators).

But, again this depth is for the box. It could protrude several inches. For instance, if you have a refrigerator of depth, say 24 inches box size without adding doors or the back-space.

(Backspace of around 3/8 is present on the back of fridge for allowing air-escape and cord space)

Now, if you add the box, door and the slight area in between the door and box, it would be around 27 1/2 inches.

After adding handles and 3/8 inches space in the back, it would be 301/8 inches.

So, a 24-inch deep refrigerator would have a total depth of 30 inches.

(Note that the above example is for a particular counter depth refrigerator model and could vary based on the fridge manufacturer and counter refrigerator type.)

Image showing counter depth refrigerator

Refrigerator capacity for different type of counter depth refrigerators-

The capacity of counter depth refrigerator is lesser than the regular refrigerator. Counter fridges slim down to 13-27 cubic feet. While a counter depth refrigerator will make your kitchen look more elegant, you might have to compromise your refrigerator capacity.

Here are the ranges for different counter depth fridges capacity.

  • Bottom freezer counter depth refrigerator– 12.3-18.9 cubic feet
  • Top Freezer– 10-21 cubic feet
  • French door– 22.2 to 28 cubic feet
  • Side by Side refrigerator 23-26 cubic feet

How to measure the dimensions of Counter refrigerator?

refrigerator dimensions- depth and widhth

For measuring the counter depth refrigerator dimensions, you need to consider the cabinet or space where it would be added.

Take the measurements starting with the height of refrigerator, i.e., the space between the ceiling and the surface. Don’t forget to add an extra inch to the height, just to be on the safe side.

Backsplash would be adding an inch to your space, add ½ inch space in addition to the 1-inch backsplash. Adding extra backspace will help the air to escape quickly.

A 24 inch counter depth refrigerator could have additional measurements of around 4-8 inches which could make the refrigerator jutting out from the space. So, a 24 inch deep refrigerator (box) could actually be 30 inches (box + handles + backspace + doors).

Also, when taking the measurements for a counter depth fridge, find out the actual technical specifications and dimensions of the refrigerator. You will find the functional requirements of the product in an attached guide on the Amazon buying page. Alternatively, you can go to the official website and look for the specific product measurements.

When measuring the width add ½-1 inch space between the left and right part. It will ensure the proper entry for your fridge. Try to know the actual depth (box only) and know where the door swings, this will limit the jutting.

Few Quick Tips to help you purchase the best counter depth refrigerator

Now that you know about the dimensions and measurements of the counter depth refrigerator, here are few quick tips to help you make a purchase a fridge of right dimensions.

Always look for the technical specifications-

Some of the counter refrigerators have dimensions slightly different from that of the given measurements. In this case, try finding the technical requirements from the measurement guides. Some companies like Kitchenaid and GE provide the professional guide with complete details. You can find in on the Amazon buying page or from the company website.

Make sure the counter depth fridge is a reputable brand-

It is essential to buy a counter fridge from a reliable brand; this will ensure the more extended lifeline and better features. However, choosing a name more depends on the type of refrigerator you are looking to purchase. For instance, Jenn-air and Thermador are best for a professional counter depth refrigerator, but for regular counter depth refrigerators, Samsung, GE or Kitchenaid would be great.

Capacity is few inches lesser, but the kitchen will look much better-

Counter depth refrigerator will take away some of the storage space and might cost you around $1000 bucks to grab an elegant one. But, the professional looking, clean kitchen is going to worth it.

Advanced counter refrigerators also help maintain a precise refrigeration temperature based on the food stored within it. It is necessary to save food at the proper temperature for ensuring the excellent quality and taste of your food products.

Look for the energy star rating-

And you should change your fridge if it is older than ten years. It would cost you energy as much as the amount of counter depth refrigerator.

When buying a counter depth refrigerator look for the energy star. It is the pretty standard thing, but many people still miss it. Energy rating ensures a better output and significant power savings. Capacity is few inches lesser, but the kitchen will look much better.

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