theunbiasedreviews Blogging Contest

        theunbiasedreviews Blogging Contest 2018

theunbiasedreviews is calling for bloggers to show us their passion for writing and win $2000 along the way.

You need to share your thoughts on the face of your niche industry in future.

Who can participate?

We have tried to make this contest accessible to everyone. Anyone with a blog can take part in this contest, whether it is a personal blog, or a professional website, your submission will be reviewed. However, we have very strict guidelines for spam blogs, dating websites or low quality sites with zero to no information. We want bloggers who are actually passionate about our contest.

If you don’t have a blog yet, you can create one now via this guide online.

How to enter-

Write a post sharing your personal thoughts about the face of [your blog niche] industry in future. For instance, if you have a wine blog, you can write about the face of wine industry in future, if you have a fashion blog, you can write around the face of fashion industry in future. You can change the title a bit, but the basic theme remains the same. Be creative with your content. You will also need to mention us in your post or in a disclaimer under the post.

Once you have done the above send us the following script to us on theunbiasedreviewsteam[at]

  • Your name
  • Your blog
  • Page where the post is published
  • Email address (for contacting you)

You will be contacted a day before results announcement. We will send the prize money through PayPal.

Deadline and results-

This contest starts on 2nd may and you can submit your post till 5 August. Results will be announced by 12 September and $2000 prize money will be sent via PayPal. Second winner will receive $500 and the third winner will get $200.  

​Important Guidelines- 

  • ​Your content must not be plagiarized, re-written or copied from other sources on the internet. You can, however, use the online sources for research purpose. We expect your content to be creatively written and original. If we found a blogger using plagiarism, the submission will automatically be discarded.
  • ​Your post should be free from grammatical errors or spelling mistakes.
  • ​You must mention at-least one page from our website that you think is relevant to your post; if you don’t find anything you could feature our blogging contest page in a disclaimer under your post.
  • ​All submissions will be reviewed for creativity and writing skills. You don’t need to have big audience base or huge social following; only thing that matters is the article your write. There is no specific word count, but we appreciate 500-1000 words post.  
  • ​You must keep the post published for three months after the announcement of results.

Good luck! We look forward to your submissions. 

Number of submissions till now - 3 

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