Best mini fridge 2018: small refrigerator buying guide

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I hope you all will nod your head when I say that ‘’selecting a quality mini fridge isn’t as easy as deciding to purchase one’’.

Continue reading if you are pursuing a Mini fridge that will both fit your budget and conserve space. I tested and assessed over 20 of the preeminent small friges and brought you the Top 10 mini fridge to buy- list.

Best Mini Fridge 2018 

To help you select the ideal mini fridge, we have created a list.




Midea Whs 65 L Mini Fridge

1.6 Cubic Feet

35.3 Pounds

Igloo FR326M-D-BLACK Erase Board Refrigerator

3.2 Cubic Foot

51 Pounds

Nostalgia Coca-Cola Series RRF300SDBCOKE Refrigerator

3.2 cubic feet

70 Pounds

Daewoo Retro Compact Refrigerator

4.4 Cubic Feet

61 Pounds

Keystone KSTRC312CB Compact 2-Door Refrigerator/Freezer

3.1 Cubic Feet

55.4 Pounds

Doctor Who Tardis Mini Fridge

> 2 Cubic Feet

6 Pounds

Nostalgia Electrics RRF300DNCBLK 3.0 Retro Series Compact Refrigerator

3 cubic feet

59 Pounds

Cooluli Mini Fridge Electric Cooler and Warmer

0.14 cubic feet 

4.9 Pounds

Marshall Compact Fridge

4.4 Cubic Feet

55 Pounds

Haier HCR17W Refrigerator/Freezer,

1.7 Cubic Feet

40.8 Pounds

Now without further ado, here we go.

Midea Whs 65 L Review- Best budget mini fridge

                         Midea mini fridge

Midea mini fridge is one of the most spaces saving mini fridge from our list. Available in both wood designs finishing and stainless steel touch, so you can decide a good fit for the aesthetic of your home interior. This mini fridge is best for those who are looking for an inexpensive mini fridge with impeccable features. The only issue with this fridge is that its freezing power is limited and thus, cannot make ice, but can maintain already frozen ice cubes.

I will recommend this to those who want to chill beer or store some quick snacks. Also, this is the best mini fridge for hotels. It comes in three sizes, the smallest one can fit down your computer table, so you don’t have to go kitchen again and again.

That being said, other two sizes are great for the kitchen with less room. The door is reversible, so you won’t need to change your room settings to accommodate this mini fridge. Amazingly embedded no-sound technology which makes it ideal for every place.

However, in my research and testing, I found that Midea mini fridge shows problems like slower cooling after 7-11 months. This problem is not insurmountable; you need to use their 12-months warranty service to bring it back to powerful cooling. The room is limited so you need to store quick-access-products.


  • Budget friendly 
  • Available in multiple sizes 
  • dual side door opening 
  • Doesn't makes compressor noise 


  • Space is limited

Igloo Mini fridge- Top Rated Refrigerator


Texas-based Igloo is known for manufacturing and distributing quirky products with cool and fancy features. Their experiment on the new mini firdge is proving to be a boon for refrigerator users. FR326M is embedded with writable fridge door that you can write-erase messages and cool designs. There is a powerful thermostat, which by the way is totally adjustable for your convenience.

For those who don’t know, this feature is to maintain an optimum mini fridge temperature. If you are tired of telling your spouse to bring kitchen products or have those fun-loving kids that want to draw on your walls and doors; then this product is for you and your aspiring Picassos!    

In some cases, the mini fridge stopped working (rarely), but this is something you can overlook as most of these complaints were heard before 2015. The shelves are made of glass, so you cannot stuff the heavy vegetable bag into the igloo fridge. With a reversible door, put this exquisite mini fridge on either side of the table and it will open without colliding with your furniture.  


  • Dry erase front door
  • customizable thermostat for powerful cooling
  • can store microwaved food 


  • Glass shelves could not bear too much weight


                Nostalgia Coca cola mini fridge - door closed      Nostalgia Coca cola mini fridge - door open

If you love house parties or constantly entertaining, then Nostalgia Coca-cola fridge is the model for you. Nostalgia Coca-Cola refrigerator can powerfully store anything from food to beverages and provide rapid cooling. Again, the shelves in this mini-fridge are made with glass, so you cannot put heavy products inside. Getting inside the fridge I observed a freezer compartment which is markedly rapid as compared to the other mimi fridge on our top fridge list.  

There is a good room for storing bottles and cans in the dispenser. Exterior of Nostalgia is fitted with a strong metal-made bottle opener. The dynamic cooling and the outside design makes up the most elegant design that can just be placed anywhere from the office to the house. I never heard about any problem with this brand. It doesn’t make the much auditory distraction, as the fan is practically silent. You will conserve appreciable energy as the interior is energy efficient.


  • Great freezer compartment 
  • Quick cooling interior 
  • Sturdy bottle opener on exterior 


  • Might not be a good fit for 10x10


Daewoo Retro Compact Refrigerator Review- Designer Mini Fridge  

             daewoo mini fridge  Daewoo mini fridge

Daewoo retro mini fridge is absolutely one of a kind, the robust features, and elegant aesthetic just wins the game. Mint green color Daewoo refrigerator is a vintage inspired aesthetic design with a spacious interior. It’s a duo of retro styled look with standardized and practical features that will provide an all-around kitchen solution.

The best feature about daewoo fridge is that you can fully customize the mini refigerator with the adjustable glass shelves. LED lighting in this modern-retro design is love; the light brings out unique shades with great art deco design. Unlike other mini fridges, temperature control is more swift and precise, which is why it offers quick cooling.

There are separate upper and lower side space boxes embedded in the door which really has enormous room. The CFC-free design gives you access to every part of the mini fridge interior. The exterior is made with state of the art high-quality metal. About the lifeline of daewoo fridge, I found absolutely no complaint saying the fridge stopped working or it is not cooling. You can just go for this mini refridgerator if your budget is generous. If you would love to spend a one-time buck for an elegant looking mini fridgerator with robust features, then Daewoo is for you.


  • Elegant design LED lights Spacious and practically crafted


  • Lesser pieces as compared to demand


Keystone KSTRC312CB Review- Great Refrigerator for storing Cans and Snacks

         Keystone Mini fridge     keystone mini fridge

Keystone mini fridge has more work in the interior components of the Mini refridgerator than the exterior look. They have added multiple parts and fittings in the side door compartment. You could put multiple cans in the front door space and still have space to place the bottles in it. Keystone mini fridge is ideal for your room space as you can place many beer cans in one go.

 One thing I noticed with a careful observation is that there is extra space in front of the freezer part (more specifically, in the front door). Other than beverage storage, there is a 2-liter bottle room. As with the previously discussed models, the door is reversible and the thermostat is adjustable. The Keystone refrigerator is illuminated with light; nevertheless, it still has low power consumption.


  • Well-equipped refrigerator interior
  • Spacious front door 
  • Low power consumption


  • Fewer color options 


This one is more of a personal refrigerator that you can transport to the office or workstation.
Officially licensed Doctor Who Tardis refrigerator can hold 12 ounces cans inside, which means you can have instant access chilled beverages for the whole day at your workstation. It also offers a heated interior, so you can heat up your light snacks.

It shows cool flashing lights and sound effects every time your open/close the door. A Tardis shaped mini fridge is compatible with both the AC as well as DC. Interior part of the fridge contains removable shelf that makes the Doctor Who mini fridge uniquely customizable.



  • Smallest portable refrigerator 
  • can chill 6+ cans 
  • Both AC and DC compatible 


  • cannot provide excessive storage cooling 


Nostalgia Electrics RRF300DNCBLK 3.0 Retro Series - Best Kitchen Refrigerator

This Nostalgia refrigerator is another product by Nostalgia yet with totally unique and functional features. This retro design is not too small or not over-sized; it’s just perfect for every place. That being said, you can place it in your office as well as your kitchen. The extra spacious compartment in this mini mini fridge provides adequate space, but they could have added a bit more in 3.0 cubic size.  

Good thing is- there is an intelligently crafted beverage dispenser tank that can store and cool up to 1 liter of content. You don’t need to add multiple beverage cans, you can simply empty it into the dispensed tank and your mini fridge will serve it chilled. I didn’t found any problem in the inside fittings, cooling is powerful and the fridge is silent, so put it in your room without worries. Magnet sticks, cooling is rapid and LED is present.


  • Ultra-fast cooling 
  • High capacity dispens​​​​er tank 
  • Easy to adjust thermostat dial control


  • You need to safeguard the interior from too much chilling 

Cooluli Mini Fridge Electric Cooler Review- best mini fridge for travelers 

coluli mini fridge Cooluli mini refrigerator is surely a great product for the travel enthusiasts and roommates. It provides both the heating and the cooling feature that means you don’t have to go to the kitchen every time you need chilling. It rapidly changes from cooling to heating for crisping your chips and light snacks.

Compatible USB cable can drive quick AC and DC to this compact fridge. I liked the multiple and unique exterior design and the light weight feature. The cooluli refrigerator is basically a thermoelectric cooler which works without Freon meaning it’s totally E-friendly. The same is the reason for emitting lesser heat outside, so this mini fridge won’t be a reason behind an increased room temperature.

If you are thinking to use this mini cooler on a regular basis or store things for remaining cool for a longer duration, then you might see slower cooling after 13 months roughly. Nevertheless, I didn’t see any direct sign of 24/7 working problems. This mini fridge is ideal for keeping the beverages and other groceries cold when traveling a distance or when you need to chill some beverage cans within hours. About the storage, it’s up to 6 cans and the most usual problem- ‘too much sound’ is absent.


  • Portable and lightweight 
  • Freon-free, environment friendly cooling system


  • Need a short turn-off-break every few weeks 

Marshall Compact Fridge review- Best Mini Fridge for music lovers

marshal mini fridge

Before I commence with the Marshal compact fridge review, I must say whoever made this mini refrigerator needs an enormous round of applause. Marshall amp fridge is currently not in stock, but it will be back soon as the last online sale was made somewhere around March on Amazon. If you ever find this mini fridge, just bring it home don’t even give it a second thought.

Amazingly spacious the Marshal compact fridge can cool up to 124-liter beverages and won’t offer any cooling problem. The cooling system is strong and optimum. You can put the beer bottle and it will chill within few minutes which is the beauty of the careful design. They gave it the authentic Marshall look which makes it cool, or maybe cooler. Interestingly, the freezer is much more powerful than regular mini fridges and boasts efficient freezing.    

Both the part of marshall mini fridge- refrigerator and freezer are temperature adjustable. If you are a guitarist, then you will definitely love this product, if not, well, it is hard to let marshal mini fridge go.


  • Authentic marshal design
  • 120V high-power refrigerator 
  • Easy-to-adjust temperature 


  • Fewer pieces available 

Haier HCR17W Refrigerator/Freezer- Dorm Refrigerator

haier mini fridge

The last but certainly not the least in our list is Haier mini fridge. Haier is always successful in creating a useful product range, carrying the same flow; it brought to us a miniature refrigerator with multiple sizes. Before you become distressed about your decision, let me save you here, there are two pages on Amazon with the same fridge, just a different model and negligibly different, but the price tags are totally different. I have, however, added the best budget-friendly mini fridge. Getting inside Haier compact refrigerator, there is a load-bearing wire-shelf meaning you can put heavy things inside without worrying about the glass-shelf-problem.

Cooling is controlled and strong; however, if you want you can precisely change the temperature via the adjustable thermostat. The front door is provided with adequate space, and they tried to offer the most efficient mini fridge.    

The entire structure is designed such that you will have more space than other mini fridges of the same capacity. For instance, the back is flat, the front door opens from the top and freezer is made small for spacious freeze compartment. The size range is wide from 1.7 to 4.5 cu, so you can select your budget compatible mini fridge. This compact refrigerator is ideal for places with limited space, i.e. for dorm rooms, for offices with diminutive areas and as your personal refrigerator for your room.


  • Multiple sizes available 
  • Spacious compartment 


  • Gets a bit noisy at times 


How to decide the best mini-fridge to buy?

General Tips

If you Googled enough, you must know about the features to look for when buying (portability, power and more), honestly, these tips aren’t that beneficial. We have instead added some genuine tips that will actually help you make your way through the mini fridge purchasing process, after all, what are buying guides are about?

Select a budget

This is an essential thing you need to do before going to buy a mini firdge. If you directly jump into the refrigerator market, you will certainly end up perplexed about your buying decision, in that case, you will just keep increasing some bucks for superior features, but there ain’t any ending to this. Instead of this, calculate your savings and budget standard and adhere to it. That being said, you can add just a few more bucks, but only when the features are too alluring.

Check your Space

Of course, it is essential to look at the refrigerator compartment for the available space, but before that look into your room.  See the space there is, while you can get different size mini fridges in almost similar cost, not all of them could fit into your abode.

About the Noisy refrigerators

 You might have heard those refrigerators experts telling that there is no noise in the small size refrigerator and are the silent mini mini fridge, however, what they won’t tell you is that these mini fridges are generally pricier than regular mini refrigerators. Additionally, even if you have somehow bought a mini refrigerator with low noise, it will start being noisy in a year or two. This is why you need to consider the potential noise issue when buying a refrigerator. Nevertheless, mini fridges do not make that much noise, so you can get rid of this by placing it a bit away from your sleeping area.

Always choose a brand

Most of the problems including a small compartment, noise-making system and so forth are already reduced when you go for a brand. Selecting a reputable brand refrigerator is a smart move that will save you from a lot of hassle. Also, high-quality brands usually have increased resale value which means you can get the most bang for your buck!

Important segment- Buying a dent-free mini refrigerator online

For those who are unaware, more than 90% of the problems in online refrigerators sell are the dents and scratches, and not just mini fridges; this is a common problem with many other products. While customers are complaining the amazon service, they are further blaming it on the sellers. But, you don’t need to be a wolf of Wall Street to bring home a dent-free small fridge, simply follow the steps delineated below.

Choosing the right seller

An essential element of making a perfect buy with Amazon is to choose a seller that has both the good reputation as well as high sales. You might have seen the same mini fridge from two buyers containing over 200 reviews, while other have just a couple of reviews. This is because of the customer service. This means you need to examine the reviews and ratings before making a decision. Look at the feedback, how satisfied their customers are.

Knowing your way out

Many of the Amazon products including mini fridges provide a warranty or cash back guarantee. Make sure that the compact refrigerators you are going to buy provide a verifiable money-back guarantee within a prescribed deadline. However, if your mini-fridge does not include all this, take a look at the feedback and see if anyone has provided a return/change refrigerator feedback. You can also request a change for the scratched/dented product refrigerator, which is often accepted by the sellers to save their ratings.

And that’s it!

Now you know all the expert tips, you are ready to go buy your own mini refrigerator. There are some good fits listed above to meet virtually every need. If you want an elegant piece with a retro design, you can go for Daewoo mini fridge; however, if you always forget the things to bring, you just need an Igloo Erase board mini refrigerator. No matter, whichever mini fridge you buy, just make sure it fits your needs.


Hi James here, I have been testing and posting expert picks for years. With my past experience, I have managed to put-up another list for you. Enjoy!